Domains and fields of research

  • Language technologies at the service of multilingual and cross-cultural communication
  • Methods of cross-cultural communication in digital collaborative environments
  • Cross-cultural, multilingual eLearning in global communities of practice
  • Domain-specific terminology management in support of cultural and linguistic diversity

Collaborative research projects

The UNESCO Chair in Multilingual, Transcultural Communication in the Digital Age organizes collaborative research projects in the following topics:

  • Transcultural communication,
  • Computer-assisted translation,
  • eLearning for language learning,
  • Cognitive aspects of web-based multilingualism including usability issues of multilingual web-sites, multilingual blogs, inter-lingual information retrieval, etc. (aspects of the “multilingual brain” as investigated in cognitive science and neuro-scientific brain research in real-life situations),
  • Socio-cultural aspects of global translation and localization management (development and constant changes of dynamic global project cultures in transnational language service provider companies and loose web-based networks of individual translation service providers),
  • Group dynamics in multi-cultural language learning groups in virtual classrooms and conclusions of developing didactic models for such groups,
  • Global web-based language learning networks.